Services True luxury is the taking of pains the client will never see...

Custom Built Cabinetry

Venegas and Company represents a select group of cabinet makers. We have chosen each for specific reasons in order to offer a broad palette of choices to our clients:

Our Cabinetry is custom built according to our detailed drawings. If we can imagine it and draw it, our cabinet makers can build it!

Design Development

Beyond designing exquisite cabinetry, Venegas and Company is an active member of the project team, always focusing on the cabinetry in relation to other components of the home. Our designers specialize in cabinetry for all areas of the home. We have knowledge of latest technologies, design solutions, building codes, and aesthetics. Our creativity extends past the custom kitchen and includes other areas which are increasingly popular today. These include master dressing suites, custom furniture pieces, butler’s pantries, children’s creativity rooms, libraries and studies…

Always striving to exceed expectations, our design team is professional, attentive and organized with incomparable attention to detail.

From design conception, through design development and technical review to the successful completion of each installation, Venegas and Company demonstrates a command for accuracy and vision.

Material Selection and Sampling

Never choosing the expected, Venegas and Company takes the time to research and explore new natural materials from around the world.